Tuesday, February 20, 2007

LuLu Part 8

After thinking almost all winter long, LuLu wondered if there was a solution to getting her hat back, without resorting to downright murder of Swahiss. She consulted her magic hat book of tricks and found that there was one thing she could do. Wait until springtime and let Swahiss shed his skin! Seems that along with the skin, the hat may very well be shed too! Oh, LuLu had hope....Her hat would be returned to her. She just had to wait for the right moment. LuLu danced lizardly (that's slow) and decided to wait in the tree where Swahiss hung his proverbial hat and see what would happened at the shedding of the skin!!!


Roger said...

What happens what happens...I cant wait..unfortunately I have to lizardly go to work lol your friend Roger ;D

tkkerouac said...

love this blog, and the thumbnail

SGT DUB said...

great plan lulu. Thanks Odat, I was just about to leave you another note but decided to check the site first, i'm glad i did.