Saturday, October 28, 2006

LuLu Part 4

LuLu stood in front of Swahiss, looking directly into his lil black snakely eyes, giving him her meanest lizard look. Now you know when LuLu gives you her mean lizard look you know she means business. After all, LuLu is usually a happy carefree lizard who sings happy and carefree lizard songs all day long and wears hats in the heat of the desert.

Swahiis stares back. After all, this silly lizard who wore the silly hat is now responsible for the shape he is in (the hat in the stomach shape that is), and his intentions are not to let her get away with it.

"How dare you try to ingest me?" yells LuLu in her meanest lizard voice. "Look what you've done to my finest lizard hat! Give it back to me this instant!"

Swahiis is dumbfounded, as only snakes with hats in their stomachs can be. He cannot believe his eyes and ears. He cannot believe that this silly lizard has the nerve to stare him in his eyes and actually yell at him! After all, only a few minutes before she was his lunch.


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Lizza said...

Yeah, LuLu! Stand up to that big meanie!